New Zealand Family owned and operated, EBuilt is the sister company of E-Products NZ, which has developed an excellent track record over the past 20 years providing well-known brands such as WD-40.

EBuilt is the distributor of mdm®NT Underlays and Weathertightness Solutions in New Zealand and Australia.

mdm®NT is a global manufacturer of membranes, laminates, and roofing accessories with its headquarters in Bielsko-Biała, Poland has been in the global market since 1995 and currently is one of the leading producers of wall and roofing accessories worldwide.

Thanks to the use of the most advanced manufacturing technologies, we can achieve the highest quality next-generation products, many of which have been internationally quality certified.

BBA (British Board of Agrément/Accreditation)

CSTB (Centre Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment/Scientific and Technical Centre for Building)

ZVDH (Zentralverband des Deutschen Dachdeckerhandwerks/Association of the German Roofing Trade)

mdm®NT has exhibited at the most important Construction Fairs in Europe.

BAU (Architecture & Building Materials) in Munich.

SAIE (Building Fair - Design, Construction & Plant Engineering) in Bologne.

Roof & Timber International in Stuttgart.

Ecobuild in London, BouwBeurs (Construction Fair) in Utrecht.

Batimat (World’s Leading Construction Exhibition) in Paris and MosBuild in Moscow.

The high quality of our products has been recognized and awarded by independent, prestigious organizations, among them the most precious awards are Business Gazelles, Forbes Diamonds, Market Leader, and a Distinction in Euro Leader contest.

We have a very close relationship with Branz here in NZ with Environmental sustainability being a very important part of the company’s philosophy. Our next-generation spunbonded production line and additional peripheral equipment helps to eliminate undesirable post-production waste, therefore, reducing CO2 emissions to the atmosphere.

What is the main purpose of a building underlay ?


Weathertightness*, Breathability and Absorbency

Next-generation Ventia Iron Roof & Wall underlay meets and exceeds the requirements of the
New Zealand Building Code

  • Withstands 90 days UV exposure
  • Absorbency 200 g/m2
  • BRANZ Appraisal No. 1136 & 1137 (2020)
  • All wind zones: Low (115.2 kph) Medium (133.2 kph) High (158.4 kph) Very High (180 kph) and Extra High (198 kph) When used as an overlay for rigid wall underlays
  • Fire retardant



*Roof & Wall Underlay provides a temporary weathertight layer during construction; once the cladding is
finished, it becomes the primary permanent weathertight layer and the underlay, the secondary protection.